What a weekend #WTSLeeds was for the Yorkshire triathletes.  Was the same the case for the weekend warriors who pay £73.31 (sprint distance with all the fees) to race the same course as the pros?

Triathlon Wetsuit

About Triathlon Wetsuits

Triathlon box Ambassadors updates

Triathlon box Ambassadors updates

Triathlon Training Half Ironman

Half Ironman triathlon Training - Getting race ready

triathlon training with work

How to balance triathlon training with work – and life

Tri Box Ambassadors updates

Triathlonbox Ambassadors updates

Leeds Triathlon 2016 Pothole issues

Open letter to the Leeds council about the Leeds Triathlon 2016 Pothole issues that the Triathlonbox team have found on the route that really need to be addressed as quickly as possible for the safety of all triathletes.

Triathlon nutrition

Triathlon nutrition - is one of if not the most important parts of triathlon training if you are serious about your race day goals.  With out eating right and training right your not going to achieve everything that you want with out planning.