How do I qualify for ironman kona

Want triathlon training do i need to do to qualify for the wolrd championship ironman in Kona? Here’s how to qualify for some of the most prestigious races.

Triathlon transition box

Another update from Triathlonbox about the current state of our journey.  Tough couple of weeks juggling the wedding and the development of our new piece of triathlon gear - but we have progressed just not as much as we hoped.  I'll keep going as fellow triathletes keep giving me insperation to keep going with my new British Patented Triathlonbox product

Triathlon gear addict

Are you a triathlon adict - your bought the new triathlon bike - you have the triathlon wetsuit - see once you've looked at these triathlon questions if you are a triathlon adict.

Triathlete Hit by Camera Drone

The machines are finally rising up and attacking humans, and apparently they're kamikazes: A triathlete in Australia was reportedly taken down after a drone fell from the sky and crashed into her just as she was about to finish the race.


Outlaw Triathlon

Triathlonbox gose to Outlaw triathlon to race as part of a relay team.  An amazing race from onestep triathlon events

British alternative to Triathlon bag

Update hey - well where do I start.  I think I have now found all the required suppliers and I am currently negotiating with them all about price and delivery options for triathlonbox our new Triathlon transition box triathlon gear product.  We are currently going through final pre-production design changes that could bring the price down a little so that I can get to market with my Triathlon gear.

Tour de Yorkshire Triathlon

Triathonbox making the most of the Tour de Yorkshire coming to Leeds - Harrogate  York - Sheffield.  I still cannot belive that the Tour De France started on my street.

Triathlonbox at the Tour de Yorkshire

Following a great day out of the route for day one of the tour de Yorkshire I think I might have gone a little tour de France crazy. As a small start up company money is very tight and with us trying to get to market in the next two months time is tight too. What I am hoping to do is use the great people of Yorkshire to promote my brand a little on a global scale. Triathlon gear is very important to some people so trying to promote Triathlonbox was very important to our development.