With less than a week to the launch of Triathlonbox the nerves are really starting to build.  Having been up at 0400 both days this weekend to try to get things prepared for the product launch I now see why the Dragons' Den members

Ghost Peloton

As part of the Yorkshire Festival Sustrans are supporting the Ghost Peloton.  I know Triathlonbox is going to try to be invloved in this fantastic project.

Tour de France Yorkshire

The Tour de France, one of the most iconic sporting spectacles in the world, is coming to Leeds in 2014.  It is the largest and most watched annual sporting event in the world, watched by a television

Sport relief & Davina McCall

Having completed Ironman Austria in 2013, I still wear the clothing with pride, achieving something that I would have never thought possible when I weighed in at 100kg+.  Triathlon really has changed my life and I’ve met so many inspiring people along the way, that, I think have made me a stronge

Triathlon Expo Mancester

This week has also been a huge eye opener on the product side with a prototype now in production and a 4 week lead time to seeing the product that I have dreamt about for years.  We have made up numerous cardboard models and have modified numerous elements of the design to ensure that they all in

Glasgow commonwealth Triathlon strathclyde

With the commonwealth Games coming to Glasgow this year I have managed to secure a pitch in my brothers’ garden for the triathlon, but not managed to secure any tickets as yet. Grand Opening

So after months of planning and a great number of all-nighters (not all of them done by me) the website has gone live this week. It has been a great learning experience for me as I’ve never built a website before.

Yorkshire Tour de France

Just been out on the route for a few hours, getting really giddy about the tour arriving now.  It is going to show off Yorkshire to the world and make me even more proud and happy to live here. 

Orange Punch Creations is a creative agency that helps people communicate effectively through outstanding design. Founded by Tony Paul Barker, a creative and marketer with more than ten years of web development and marketing experience as well as expertise in audio production for music and video.

After months of meetings with Tony from Orange Punch, I am proud to say that the website is now on line. Following a few alterations over the next few weeks it will be posted to so that people can download the free training plans.