The Tri Show Manchester 18th - 20th March 2016, Manchester EventCity

Triathlonbox will be for sale at the 2016 Tri show manchester or the Tri Expo Manchester as they are rebranding it after being called the Manchester Bike and Triathlon show the year before.

Marathon training or Ironman Training which hurts more?

Marathon training has always been the hardest part of Ironman training for the Triathlonbox team - but Berlin Marathon is going to be a huge challenge in 2016 - but one that with the right preparation can we go sub 4 hour?

Post triathlon hangover

Triathlonbox team keep fellow triathlete upto date on the comings and goings of our new triathlon invention.  Available now for £109 including delivery.

Triathlon transition

As keen Triathlete, you’re probably always looking for ways to become faster and more efficient. You probably read expert tips, do drills, intervals, and speed work, and do race-day simulation workouts. You practice as much as you can in order to shave off some valuable time during triathlons.

Triathlon swim

Break out the calendar and get ready for an exciting 2016 Triathlon season.

Manageable goals in triathlon

Manageable goals in Triathlon 2015


Leeds triathlon 2016

Leeds Triathlon visits Yorkshire on the 11th & 12th June let us Guide you where to stay, where to eat and how to enjoy Yorkshire.  Let the Triathlonbox team advise you on where to stay, eat and race come the moring of the world triathlon Leeds.

Smarter triathlon training - is a list of free tips that will help you become a faster triathlete at no extra cost other that planning.  Brought to you by Triathlonbox - Getting you race ready.

Triathlonbox getting you race ready

Triathlonbox is designed to replace your transition bag tri bag and get you ready to race delivered FREE in UK - Join #Teamtribox for Tri race day tips - Best triathlon bag alternative. For £109 you get strength and efficiency.