Triathlon training for beginners

Triathlon training for beginners #Temtribox help you be your best come race day. Years of Triathlonn racing gives you these Tips. From transition to swim bike and run we will hlp you get race ready.

Triathlon training

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Ironman Wales

Over the years only a few have competed in all of the Ironman Wales events. #teamtribox training partnerr Phil is one such person and here are all of his race day reports for you all to learn from and "You are an Ironman"

triathlon training over now to relax

Triathlon training over for a few days

Liverpool triathlon race report


triathlon review

A Triathlon review from a twitter follower

Blenheim Triathlon

Blenheim Triathlon Race report 

Triathlonbox at Cardiff Triathlon

Cardiff triathlon race report.