Could WellbriX be the death of the death of the foam roller?

Wellbrix Launches on Kickstarter.

Triathlonbox team test WellbriX

Versatile, Portable, Affordable, Effective deep tissue trigger point massage Keeping you supple and injury free

As an avid triathlete my foam roller is my 2nd best friend in the world, (after Mrs Triathlonbox).  It has travelled across Europe with me on our various trips, and has served me well in ensuring that I recover from those long runs and thrashing bike sessions in and out of the gym as quickly as possible so that I can strive to be better each and every week in the build up to whatever race I'm doing that year.


Repetitive actions in any form cause muscles to tighten overtime by forming knot like structures. With nearly all sports the body is being asked to repeat an action whether it be  Swimming, running, cycling, gym work etc. Certain muscles are favoured and recruited continuously. Equally certain professions require constant use of, sometimes, only a handful of muscles: Musicians and keyboard workers come to mind here. Tight muscles can  literally pull joints and nerves off kilter leading to pain and injury. Think repetitive strain.


This is where Wellbrix has come into play I was delighted to be able to use Wellbrix for a week of tough training while they were trying to promote their Kickstarter launch, I used it instead of my foam roller for a week and was very pleased with the ability to target problem areas that my foam roller has struggled with.  I get a recurring issue in my right shoulder from mainly biking and swimming which only a tennis ball can fix normally - but this new solution really did get to the target problem quickly.


What was really good was that they were very well made and designed with magnets in so that you can adjust their design to suit your current needs.  A great concept and hopefully a great success over the coming weeks months and years.  Support Wellbrix on Kickerstarter.


A word from the Doctor


However, there is an easy way to get rid of these knots and so keep your muscles long and supple. My repetitive strain injuries came from my love of all the three sports attached to Triathlon and, of course, triathlon. I have lost count of the number of races I have done and have conquered many distances including an Ironman. In fact it was during  my Ironman training,  and another inevitable downtime injury, that WellbriX were born.


I had a recurring knee problem that nobody could get to the bottom of until I came across Neil Black; the now GB Athletics Director and Physiotherapist. Within weeks he had me fully fit by simply lengthening out the very tight muscles around my knee that were pulling it off. Simply by getting rid of knots through compression. I have maintained and prevented injury ever since using Trigger Point and felt it was time to have a product on the market that could achieve this quickly and efficiently.


WellbriX come in knuckle, thumb and elbow size brix. They are versatile  and portable. Use them anywhere and release your muscles within minutes.


Therapists learn how to tackle knots using deep tissue compression. Left untreated the muscle tends to become tighter and shorter overtime.What is more it has been shown that the knots occur in roughly the same place in muscles. This knowledge has allowed the development of so called Trigger Point maps showing therapists roughly where to put pressure to release tension and take the strain off joints and nerves.  Often instant pain relief. It is not necessary to know exactly where your knots ( Trigger Points) occur simple self massage exploration will identify tender spots. Use the WellbriX for 40-80 seconds on these spots and release.


As the founder of WellbriX I had realised that we could not all afford the time, or money, for regular deep tissue massage. As a therapist and athlete I turned to rollers and balls but found them ineffective for certain muscles and awkward to take anywhere. WellbriX were designed to be versatile and hit every muscle in the body and be portable. Use them at your desk or in front of the TV! Pack them in your gym bag!  A little massage often is perfect for maintenance and injury prevention. Tested by Cycling Professionals, GB athletes, Premier League FC, Golf and Tennis professionals Etc.  as well as everyday folk.


WellbriX will be for sale on Kickstarter for the first time 19 April - 18 May at discounted prices. The instructions will be available from our mobile friendly website. Below is a preview of our kickstarter film and some endorsements.