It's been a long road

With less than a week to the launch of Triathlonbox the nerves are really starting to build.  Having been up at 0400 both days this weekend to try to get things prepared for the product launch I now see why the Dragons' Den members get a little tetchy when someone comes in not prepared as they have 10's of businesses on the go, I have one and the work load is considerable.

 Things that I have had to do this weekend in preparation for the Manchester Bike and Triathlon show.

  • Check all my paper work is prepared for the show, there are forms to complete that I wouldn't have even thought about.  Working at height, health and safety & numerous other forms

  • Kat and I have been out in the park in our Triathlon kit... In March... Let's just say we enjoyed getting back into the house to get warm, only to get back to find out that boiler has gone on the blink, seriously bad timing.  We did get a some good shots of the product, and a few strange looks from heavily wrapped up dog walkers

  • Website preparation for next weekend's go live

  • Reading all the patent information - checking to ensure that when we file it covers the key areas of the product

  • Ensuring that everything fits in the car, and my dad was supposed to come help but he has had to go in for an operation so will not be able to come now.  This lead to having to post on Facebook to borrow a bike rack for the bikes, Thank you John Legget.

  • Creating a 4m by 2m area in the house to see how the stand will look - realised that we then needed a little more content so had to come up with some solutions

  • Thinking about the next steps of the products development and how we can get the most feedback from triathletes and cyclists alike next weekend, starting to build a kickstarter project, thinking about other finance options

A very busy weekend and it is now 1700 on Sunday night typing away with gloves on in a house with not heating. I hope this product is loved my our customers - as it has been an enjoyable but difficult journey to this point, the next blog I post will be after the show as I still have some busy nights ahead of me this week.  I hope to see you at the show next weekend, please do come and say hello, your feed back will mould the future of this product.