Manageable goals 2015

Manageable goals in triathlon

Manageable goals in Triathlon 2015


As it gets to the end of our very first year of trading it is time to have a week off over Christmas to assess – learn and grow for the 2016 triathlon season.  One of the main reasons for Triathlonbox was to help triathletes be more prepared and focus on the racing, and be the best they can be.  The other goal was to give the team some manageable goals so that we have micro aims to achieve and then reward the team.  Having spoken to some of the many new customer this year we are very happy that we have helped fellow triathletes to race faster and be prepared.  On a personal note I even managed to sneak onto the podium at a Scottish triathlon race this year which was a huge achievement for me and partly down to my level of organisation as I only entered 15 minutes before the race started.


In 2015 we hit two of the three targets that we set our selves across the year which was an amazing feeling considering that we were starting the whole idea from scratch.  So what did we achieve in 2015?  The first goal that meant that we got to have a meal at our favourite Leeds restaurant was for one of the Directors to do a sub 20 minute 5km and get to prototype stage with all the relevant patent protection in place to ensure the longevity of our idea.  We hit this early on in the year and it was really nice to spend a little time with Mrs Triathlonbox without talk of it for a few hours.


The second target which was hit at about the 7 month mark, where we hit our target sales quota for 6 months.  This really was a turning point in the first year’s learning curve as we all sat down and worked through realigning the sales targets for the next 18 months based on our first seven months of sales.  This was a tough conversation to have as it really was make or break to the future of the business.  Could we drive the business forward to these new twelve, eighteen and two year targets?  After some long conversations about how this can be achieved and what we needed to do we decided to press on to the New Year to give ourselves a real run at sales.  For this I had a new helmet as a target – fingers crossed that appears in my Christmas parcels on Christmas day – I have warned my cycling buddies that I’ll be wearing it over the Christmas rides.


To ensure that we have the required motivation for 2016 we have set some more manageable goals to motive the team to achieve.  So what are our aims for 2016?  One of the things that the team have been working on in back ground is exports and Triathlonbox wraps so that the boxes can be fully customised.  With that in mind we have put in a couple of drivers to ensure that we succeed at these goals.  These smaller targets will hopefully lead on to us hitting the larger targets at the same time – which is the end goal after all.


We have done some really good work in 2015 starting a business from scratch with little experience and learnt a great deal very quickly to ensure that the customers get a great product and customer service that matches the quality of our initial offering.  Next year we really need to step up our offering to ensure that we get our product out to more and more triathletes.  How we go about this is a little commercially sensitive so we won’t go into too much detail but we are excited by the ideas we have and are meeting with new suppliers, race teams and distributors all the time to ensure that we are ready for 2016.


One thing that we have been working very hard on is our Google key words to ensure that we can maximise our “free” advertising as it were.  It seems such an easy thing to achieve but Google is a funny old bird – especially the penguins. So this is a great deal of trial and error to achieve this goal.  I’ve sneaked in a very personal goal for this achievement of a cycling weekend with my triathlon club Leeds Bradford Triathlon.  This is a goal purely for me as I am the only one in the team that effects the outcome of it so the reward is something I’ve always wanted to do but never got round to it.


Onto 2016 planning – speaking to race teams and working as hard as we did in 2015 to visit new cities and race some amazing triathlons across the UK.  Really looking forward to the fast city races that we really enjoyed in 2015, Cardiff triathlon was a great race for me personally – enjoyed the city and the bike course was fast, wet and very technical which I love.  I also really enjoyed the Last of the Summer Triathlon as I managed to shave off a few minutes from my personal best which is always a great feeling.


Have an amazing Christmas build up and enjoy a short break from the demands of triathlon.