If you’re searching for this then you know that you are looking for something that will cause you pain.  But that is what it is all about, the buzz of crossing the finish line cheered on by your friend, family and training buddies make the hard training worthwhile.  From the shorter sprint triathlon through to the completion of an Ironman the amount of planning you do and the preparation that you undertake can lead to either great success or devastating failure when it comes to race day.


You will be please to know though that the majority of triathletes that start with a triathlon training plan do go on to meet their goals and will often go on to surprise themselves with what they can achieve.  The key to their success is determination and planning that means that they know what they need to be doing in the build-up to your chosen big race, especially if your have chosen to start with and Ironman – which seems to be happening more and more. 

Free Beginner Triathlon training plan

The Triathlonbox team have over 20 years of race day experience between them and regularly appear on the podiums at races right across Europe.  Having completed, and won, (at age group level), Ironman races and finished on podiums and 70.3 Iron man races we are all about planning for success.  With our knowledge of what works and an element of trial and error to create an easy to follow training plan to help you integrate your training to your work life balance. 


One of the things that the team has come to realise over the years is that training plans can be hugely complicated and if you’re at the start of your journey then the level of technical knowledge can be low and adding in extra complexity can put people off so the plans that we have for Ironman Triathlon training are as simple as they can be to ensure that you are ready come race day.                                   


By all means if you want to excel and be the best of the best – then there is no other option that to get a coach on board.  The team have used various coaches over the years for various elements of their training and would fully recommend trying out some of the coaches that are available.  Start by joining a local tri club this will give you an insight into what sort of coaching staff is available when you do group coaching – It will also help you build up the sort of things that you will need on your triathlon checklist to make sure that you reach the start line ready to race.


The triathlon checklist

This is a very important part of the whole life cycle of a season of training.  When you go to bed the night before a race you need to know that everything is as ready, as it can be so that you get to the start line prepared to race.  Triathlonbox has an integrated checklist which was very important to the design process as knowing that you have everything in the right place pre-race.


It happens to every triathlete in the early years where not using a triathlon checklist leads to a failure.  Be it a forgotten item which means a trip back to the car from  transition, right through to forgetting your wetsuit and having to drive home pre-race to get it.  Which if you’re not at a local race, can be a race ender and lead to a DNS (did not start) only just 2nd to a DNF (did not finish) which haunts the mind of many beginner triathletes in the build-up to the first few races.

You will finish your first Race – Anything is possible

Rest assured nearly all triathletes will have a doubt in their mind on the start line of their first race.  Have I trained enough, will I get injured, have I forgotten anything?  Well these few simple questions can be answered – race teams now have learned that people will forget things, they normally have as little as a table for tri gear or as much as a shop, to hand for you to buy anything you have forgotten, if you haven’t listened and used a checklist to get you in to the race.


There is always a chase of taking a knock in the swim but position yourself towards the back in your first few races and just take your time and learn what you need to do to become the best you can be.  There are the odd few people that we have met that come from zero to hero in a couple of races but we have spent years training and racing to become the best we can be and triathlon training plans play a huge part in this success.


If you have spent plenty of time on the swim bike and run in the few months before your first race then you really don’t need to worry about volumes.  The first race is about getting the experience under your belt and feeling like you have earned you finishers medal or t-shirt.  When it comes to the longer events then yes volumes come into play as the triathon distance that you will be coving to complete and Ironman is a huge strain on your body and you need to be ready.  The team have done both ends of the spectrum from a 9h09min (Ironman Austira) finish to a 12h28min finish (Ironman Wales) – and we both stood on the start line and said to each other.. “Whatever training we have done, is done now, just focus on the race and enjoy the experience” If you have put in the work the race day will be the highlight of all your hours in the saddle.


Free triathlon checklist or triathlon training plan

Help yourself to a checklist or training plan that the Triathlonbox team have built and changed to suit their own style of racing.  Use these as a basis for your first few races then see what works for you and improve them and edit them.  We have made the min Excel so that you can do these changes.  Hopefully we will see you on the start line over the next few year.  All the best and train safe.


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Free Ironman distance triathlon training diary

Free Ironman distance triathlon training diary in Excel 2003 format

Free Ironman distance triathlon training diary in Excel 2003 format.xls

Beginers guide to Triathlon

A guide & tips to help you through triathlons

Triathlon Training Basics.pdf

Triathlon checklist for sprint distance triathlon

A triathlon check list is key to the sucess of getting prepared to race your first Sprint disatnace triathlon.  If you are ready before hand with all your tri gear in the right place then you'll sleep better and be more focused when the time comes to get into the water and race. Use this Free basic triathlon check list to prepare yourself to race.  Good look and race safe.

Sprint triathlon check list.xls

Triathlon checklist for Olympic distance

A check list is key to the sucess of getting prepared to race your first Olympic distance.  Preparation is key to sucess.  Good look and race safe.

Olympic triathlon check list.xls

Free Sprint distance triathlon training diary

Free Sprint distance triathlon training diary in Excel 2003 format

Free Sprint distance triathlon training diary in Excel 2003 format.xls

Free Olympic distance triathlon training diary

Free Olympic distance triathlon training diary in Excel 2003 format

Free Olympic distance triathlon training diary in Excel 2003 format.xls