The Tri Show Manchester

The Tri Show Manchester 18th - 20th March 2016, Manchester EventCity

Triathlonbox The Tri show

We have again signed up for a stand and the Manchester bike and triathlon show 2016, now rebranded as, The Tri Show Manchester. We will be there with Triathlonbox for sale again at our show prices.  We will be running competitions and special show prices for the event.  If you get in touch via Email Me ( before the show, you can order whatever colour box combination you like – as long as you pay in advance for the order*.  There are a limited number of free tickets available to triathletes that pre order.  So that you can come and pick up your New British made transition product - Getting you race ready.

You will get chance to see our new triathlonbox wrapping service which will mean that you can fully customise your box with what ever you would like.

If you would like to come and see us please drop into our stand at the show we will be on stand TBC. Your feedback either positive or negative will be greatly appreciated, so we can improve our product offer for all triathletes.  We will be delighted to meet you

Tri show team in 2015

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For information about getting to the show and tickets please see The Tri Expo

And the Winner is

Thank you all so much for your support at last years Tri Expo.  I see that the majority of you have a quick look at the site when I send an Email out to everyone that signed up at last year’s Manchester Tri show.  We will be running some competitions in the run up to the event with free tickets and free products for you.  Following the sucess of last years show we are really excited - we learnt a few things we cerrrtainly wont be going in this again like last year when we took ALL OUR STOCK - daft now we look back on it, but if you don't make mistakes then your not taking enough risks.

Triathlonbox a Year in production

The design team have put the final touches to the design. We have started building across the UK. We have instructed our Scunthorpe foam injectors to start producing.  The Brigg house moulding company are heating and hammering metal tooling.  The Manchester foam suppliers are cutting a sticking.  The Ilkley material team are cutting and sewing the newly designed material section, sourced from Burnley. 

There are other colours going to be available at various races and shows and eventually through the website.  If you have a colour you'd really like for you Triathlon club then do get in touch, (Email Me) as I'd be very keen to come see you and drop off the boxes and train with your club for the night / day.

£109 delivered or £99 at the Manchester Tri show

Last year it was this "So that has been really tough task getting to the first stages of production.  Triathlonbox is now a waiting game until all the parts are ready.  This should take in the region of four weeks so this should mean that you will be able to buy a our products early in 2015.  If you come and see us at the Tri show you will be able to save on the postage costs, and possibly get yourself a little extra treat..."  Now we are one year on a have gone in to full production out of our factory in Brighouse Yorkshire.  If you bought a box from us in 2015 then wee would love to see you again to get feed abck on how the year has gone - we are always keen to help triathletes as much as we can to get you Race Ready.

Triathlonbox an alternative to a triathlon bag

Well I have tried various triathlon bags over the years the Zoot triathlon bag the Hubb Triathlon bag and I have tried off self-boxes and none have them have done what I hope Triathlonbox does.  It solves the problem of staying calm on the morning of your race as you know that everything is where you need it when you need it.  You don’t have to carry any of the weight of your kit through to transition so you are 100% ready to race assuming that you've trained well and rested right.

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Triathlonbox at Tri show

In 2015 we learned some important lessons about what worked and what didn't so hopefully we can come a little more prepared and enjoy the weekend as much as we did in 2015.  The 2016 show is looking really good - I'll try not to push myself so hard that I'm sick this year, well I wanted to be the fastest exhibitor on the Triathlon trust stand and till Max from Fusion sport came in at the last minute I was.  But he is a world champion competitor at half ironman so I wasn't expecting to be leading after he had a go.

Triathlonbox team at Tri show manchester

Shortly after this picture I entered a huge coughing fit which made me really ill - odd but I was keen to be at the top, if it was for just a short while.

Triathlonbox team at Tri show manchester


The Bike & Triathlon Show 2014 - Manchester Central which has now re branded as the Triathlon Expo - 20th - 22nd March 2015, Manchester EventCity - Come and See Triathlonbox and grab a race day bargain.