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Triathlon UK - Triathlonbox review

Working with Leeds Beckett University

One of the things that the team have been working on is working with local businesses to offer customers the best product offering that Triathlonbox can be.  With this in mind we have been working with the local university Marketing students who have come up with some amazing ideas over the last year and have provided this product review.  The home of the Brownlee Brother training facilities this University has a huge amount to offer to the Triathlon community so very pleased to be working with them.

Review from Triathlon Uk Member 

Russell Gibbons is a third year student studying Sport Business Management at Leeds Beckett University. Throughout his time at University, he’s juggled his time in order to compete in various different Triathlon UK events. He’s now used the British Made Triathlonbox for over a year and feels this has enhanced his chances when competing. He’s written a blog explaining the benefits of the using this product in the run up to race day.  Below is also a video with him briefly talking about this triathlon bag alternative.

I’ve been using my Triathlonbox for just over a year now Maily in Triathlon UK races. The performance of the box hasn’t been compromised at any stage and it’s still in fantastic knick considering I’ve had it for a year. The main thing about Triathlonbox is the simplicity of the product, this has benefitted me 10 fold. The compartments within the box enable me to access what I need to in transition, quickly and efficiently with everything I could possible need, able to fit in the box comfortably. This therefore helps me in my preparation for the race and during the race, reducing my stress levels prior to the event and also not having to worry about where my equipment will be and what state it will be in. Triathlonbox not only does all of this for me, it also ensures that my equipment is dry and secure with it being fully lockable, I love that post race I have a dry towel.. Amazing.


Triathlonbox has to be appreciated for its sturdiness and quality of product. At £109.00 this may seem expensive but you’ll get a minimum of 10 years out of this product, which I see as a real investment. Other equipment I’ve used in the past such as bags don’t seem to last and I end up purchasing a couple every year as they often rip or become damaged in Triathlon UK transitions


There is only one drawback from the Triathlonbox; it needs to be kept away from expensive items, i.e. leather seats in your car. Once you’ve put your racing attire back into the compartments, the holes designed to let water drain through the bottom, obviously let out water! Be aware of this as a consumer otherwise you could end up with a very wet back car seat. Hardly a drawback, more of a heads up to people thinking of buying or currently using Triathlonbox.


It would seem that Russell hasn't used the plug customer designed to stop the water coming out of the bottom of the box post race - I will drop some in the post for him today - the last thing #teamtribox want to do is damage anyone's kit.  Russell the plugs are coming..