Triathlon bag is triathlonbox an alternative?

Triathlonbox getting you race ready

Triathlon bag - An alternative?

Having raced the UK for the whole of 2015 we have been building and developing the idea that we have come up with, a possible solution to the issues associated with race day box juggling & tri bag issues.  We have learnt many valuable lessons along the way one is that security of your gear is imperative to the team here.  We saw someone using a bin bag (instead of a Transition bag) at Cardiff tri, which is fair enough, when starting out the costs of races are high so trying it with some cost saving.  The sad thing that happened to this guy was that he put it down with his bike and a street cleaner came and threw it away as he thought it was rubbish so he lost probably £400 of tri gear in seconds.

Having used various Triathlon bag products and trying to find the best bag that we could in the 20 years of tri experience that the team has we got frustrated when going to races with the selection available so we decided to see if we could come up with a solution that would help all triathletes be at their absolute best on the start line.  No worries about kit safety or if everything is there when you need it, as #teamtribaox have tried to position everything where you need it when you need it.

Following our hectic race schedule in 2015 we have had an amazing response to our initial offerings to try to compete with some of the best transition bags out there to hit a price point which means that we can gain a foot hold on the market against some amazing products designed and built by some of the companies that we have met throughout this initial year of development.

triathlon bag

One thing that all the companies that design best triathlon bags have in common is that they love the sport and pretty much everyone involved in the design of these products are keen triathletes themselves which does offer you the customer some amazing choices.  So how do you choose which of the these great products you are going to buy?  Well it is a difficult choice, one thing that can drive your decision is availability as some of the great brands out there are very country specific when it comes to distribution.  

Best Triathlon bags?

So how do you decide which is the best bag or are you going to join the growing group of triathletes who are supporting our British made solution to transporting your gear to races.  Well we have a couple of sites below that can offer some objective assessments of the options that are currently out there for you to choose from.  Having met most of the designers and producers in 2015 while competing in the 24 races that the team competed including the 70.3 worlds and gaining a podium place at 70.3 staffs and a podium place at the wee Beastie on the beautiful shores of Loch Lomond.  We suggest to see how many races you are planning on doing.

Triathlon bag - Triathlonbox getting you race ready

If you are going to be doing more than 5 races in your first year then go for the best tri bag or go for our offering of a Triathlonbox which offers the added advantage over the bags that you can secure the box, integrated lists pockets - ensure you have the right gear to race, it sits on your bike frame so that you don't bare any of the weight of your gear going to transition, and when you compare the prices of the bags, that will have a shelf life against our offering that is designed with strength and the key characteristic.  We have tested the box for strength and rigidity and our test box has raced and competed 24 races in 2015 along with countless tests to ensure that when you join #Teamtribox strength is guaranteed.

Have a look at both sites below and make up your own minds - we hope you choose us and we wish you all the best whatever your tri goals are in the coming years. 


So we have built these two websites to be able to help triathletes out with my knowledge from years of racing at all distance races from sprint through to Ironman triathlon training.  So if you would like to have a look at the sites and see what you think.  I'm very open to any suggestions so do get in touch as the better I can make the sites the higher up the Google ranking they might appear.  If I can achieve this for my search terms then it could help keep the costs down so that I can spend the money helping with grass roots development of younger triathletes and Team GB ager groupers which is a key reason for the invention of our range of products.


Transition bag

triathlon bag

Transition bag has been designed to help triathletes new to the game to get some tips and hopefully give them all the information that they need to be able to complete their first race. From entry into the water right to the recovery phase transition bag will help you get the most out of the race day experiance. Transition bag has 

Best Triathlon bag

There are so many options for your best tri bag solution so over to you Do you want to be stronger through joining #teamtribox.  we guarentee you will be more race ready through our British made triathlete designed storage and race day solution.