Triathlon Coaching

Triathlon coaching

As a british start up always keen to help others who have taken the plunge and Criag is as hard working as they get.  SO if you are looking triathlon coaching and you are in the Yorkshire area then get in touch with him.

We all know that competing in the sport we love takes serious time and dedication. Whatever your level as an athlete, training takes up a big part your life, so you want to be sure that the training you’re doing will maximise your performance come race day.  It's about making the most of your training - make it count.

You need to have total confidence that your coach knows exactly what they’re talking about; that the programme they set is right for you, that it’s achievable within your lifestyle constraints, and that everything they ask of you is based on experience and science to improve performance. And you need to be able to communicate with your coach if you’re not sure about something or question why they’re asking you to do a particular thing.

At Triathlon Coach Craig - I have been there myself.

I have raced at the highest level and know what it physically takes to do the programmes that I set my athletes. I have made mistakes in training and in races, and I have learned from them, so you’ll be able to avoid those same pitfalls. I have fitted training around a busy lifestyle and I have experienced the dramatic highs and lows that come with this demanding sport.

The support I create takes all of that into account and is based around the same philosophies that have helped many of my GB athletes qualify for World and European championships and achieve age-group podium positions.  Most importantly you’ll be able to train with the reassuring knowledge that you’ll get to the start line race-ready and in the best possible shape.

So if you choose Coach Craig to help take your performance to the next level, you can trust in the programme, the nutritional expertise and the advice that i give you, and i am not just saying that – check out what our athletes think.

Craig Lane triathlon qualifiations

Creator & Head Coach, Coach Craig

level 1 British triathlon coaching

level 1 British triathlon local technical official
level 2 British triathlon coaching
level 2 British triathlon regional technical official
level 2 Gym instructors
level 3 Personal training
level 4 Sports coaching and leadership
level 4 Introduction to sports psychology
level 4 Introduction to exercise physiology
level 4 Exercise prescription
level 4 Nutrition for health and well-being
level 5 Coaching children and young performers
level 5 Principles of analysing sports performance
level 5 Strength and conditioning
level 5 Motor learning and performance
level 5 Diet and nutrition
Triathlon england static bikes cpd
Triathlon england coaching children cpd
Training room studio cycling
Training room metabolic conditioning
Training room gym based boxing
Active for all kids and special populations certificate
Emergency at work first aid



Coach Craig can improve your power, speed and performance using Wattbike’s accurate data to analyse over 40 parameters about your riding.  Leave no margin for error when it comes to measuring your performance, as each Wattbike has been engineered to deliver accuracy within 2% across the full range of watts.  It’s currently the indoor training tool of choice for World Champions Lizzie Armitstead and Joanna Rowsell-Shand and the UCI World Cycling Centre.


Monitoring your speed can tell you only so much about a ride, heart-rate monitors can tell you a bit more, but knowing your power output is a quantitative, repeatable way to assess how hard you are actually working.  

From a coaching perspective, the flip side is that with power data you can also accurately determine the specific performance requirements of a given event/discipline. That’s almost like being given the answers to the exam questions, except of course you still have to put the work in to reach the targets. But just having that predictor is hugely beneficial and Coach Craig can help you reach

your potential by setting your specific power training zones.


Whether you are a beginner, a professional athlete or simply exercising to improve your health, nutrition plays a big role in optimising the effects of physical activity. Making better decisions with your nutrition and hydration can result in improved performance, recovery and injury prevention.

 Coach Craig offers a range of services to support your training goals. This can range from a daily food plan, to a comprehensive food and nutrition plan for training and competitions.  We will also advise the nutrients and supplements that are frequently included in an athlete’s dietary program to help you race and recovery properly.


Whatever your goal: Sports Development, Weight Loss, Fitness Development, Muscle Gain, or just to add variety to your workout, Coach Craig can help you.

Coach Craig is also a qualified personal trainer and is here to help you, step by step. Each session is tailored to help you achieve your personal goals and to adopt a long term lifestyle change.

 Coach Craig will design a bespoke exercise programme, give you expert advice and provide one to one training sessions in my personal studio or at your own home.


Coaches often deliver information either verbally, visually or kinaesthetically to cater for all learning styles. However sometimes athletes just do not understand unless they actually see for themselves.  Coach Craig also offers real time analytic video analysis for you to visually see your biomechanical movements for you to fully understand the areas requiring improvement.

Whether it is recording your biomechanics during the four phases of running, or underwater for stroke correction we can instantly show you feedback then send over all your files with a complementary training programme to help manipulate and re-develop your motor programme to make you more biomechanically efficient athlete.