Triathlonbox Not Banned in British Triathlon rules 2016

British Triathlon rules 2016

Triathlonbox NOT banned in British Triathlon

Hopefully you have all made yourselves familiar with the British Triathlon rules - The triathlonbox team certainly have and had a shock when this year's where released. It was a real blow to the development of our British made solution to race day box juggling.  The main rule that could have had a huge impact on the development of our small business was the new rule for 2016 7.1 which is below. 

British Triathlon Rule 2016 

7.1 Competitors should only bring into transition what is required. Boxes may be provided by the Event Organiser, any other boxes used to bring equipment into transition should be removed. A small soft-sided bag such as a rucksack may be used and remain in transition, though it must not impede the progress of another competitor.

(i) Competitors must place within 0.5m of their racking position in transition, or within the width of the bike handlebars, all equipment to be used at a later stage in the event.

(ii) All equipment already used must be deposited in that area.

(iii) Only equipment to be used during the competition can be left in transition.

(iv) All other belongings and equipment outside the above rules are to be removed before race start;


As a team of triathletes the whole point of developing triathlonbox was to make transition as easy, safe and tidy as possible for all fellow triathletes.  When we race we want it to be on a level playing field as much as possible and don't want any fellow triathletes to be hindered or even worse injured by Triathlonbox or anything else while they are racing. 


This is one of the reasons that we created our initial product with no loose straps to get caught in peoples feet or bikes while transitioning. Designed so that it can (if safe to do so) be rested under the back wheel.  But mainly designed to get your Triathlon gear into transition as easily as possible and getting you race ready with some of the neat internal designs to help you find all the bits you need when you need them most. 


The main idea behind our design was, once you have put your trainers and got your bike ready you move it to the outside of the transition space, bag drop or bag storage area so that you don't hinder any other triathletes.  The team here have raced 24 races in 2015 and have managed to get our boxes in a secure and out of the way area of the flow of competitors in all races from Cardiff Triathlon - through to London Triathlon.

£300 Prize give away

Triathlonbox Birthday

With all that in mind we wrote a letter to British Triathlon to gain some clarification as this really was a blow as we celebrated our £300 Birthday give away to new customers.  Below is the response that we got from British Triathlon and we hope that it clarifies the issue and means that we can carry on selling our Triathlonbox to customers in Britain as we focus on starting to export our British made triathlon product to generate some well needed tax revenues for the British Economy as the Brexit approaches.

British Triathlon Response

Hi John- Paul,

The Technical Committee have given some feedback to share with you regarding the thoughts behind the rule change this year:

  • The Triathlon Box can still be used for ‘to and from’ transition, but we are aiming to reduce items in transition in total. Athletes should only have race essential kit that will be used during competition at their spot in transition.
  • By having the removal of boxes and trying to create a cleaner transition space the aim to ensure fairplay.  The Triathlonbox simply now needs to be set to the outside of transition, in a bag drop area or storage place out of the way of the main racking where it should only be a bike and essential kit in place.
  • We are trying to remove excess or larger sized items in transition, large kit bags will also be asked to be removed, put in a bag drop area or to the outside of transition, again asking competitors to keep only competition essential equipment by their spot on transition.
  • We are encouraging athletes to simple leave what they need for the race, rather than all kit, trying to create a clean area for race items only.

I hope this helps give you some thoughts on the change and reasoning behind this.  I wish you every success at the Manchester Tri Show.

Kind Regards,

The Events Team