Triathlonbox update Jan 2016

Post triathlon hangover

Triathlonbox January Update


January, where did it go?  Normally from a personal perspective January goes so slow and is painful both financially and emotionally due to a post Christmas lull.  Pair that with the Gym rush that makes working out there harder than normal to achieve the status quo - and you have a terrible month.  This year however has been a different animal.  Christmas for the Triathlonbox team was on target for our first year and made the 28 triathlons and hours of very hard work worthwhile in 2015.


This did not come without its down sides, December really was a time to work out how we did.  A little down time which turned into longer down time than we would have liked due to Ill health and other personal issues that have put life back in perspective.  So to 2016 how can we build a stronger team and help more triathletes be the best that they can be, come race morning.


We are working with a wide range of triathletes to spread the word about our invention in 2016.  Across Europe news of Triathlonbox is slowly spreading and our spread on organic search hits across Europe now outweighs our UK presence which was our target for year three, not at the end of our first year.  All these positive points add up to some exciting times for 2016.  We are going to have to shift our focus a little - but nothing started from scratch is without stumbling blocks but it is how we learn, develop and grow that makes the team stronger. 

Fantastic relationships

We have been building some fantastic relationships throughout 2015 working with Dassi Bikes to offer all customers an amazing opportunity to have access to these very fast, very slick bikes.  We have helped to launch a new Triathlon platform and we are  really pleased to be working with X Tri Hub as they develop a strong platform to offer advice to fellow triathletes.


We have written some great articles and implement some of our own advice.  So if you are working on your winter triathlon training to become a stronger racer then we are here to help where we can.  I've been using this advice and finally managed to conquer one of the steepest hill climbs in Yorkshire.  In the build up to the Leeds Triathlon  we have been running and riding the route to offer fellow triathletes the opportunity to be the best they can with the local knowledge that we have of these epic race in 2016. 


Are you Triathlon ready ?


We have built a strong relationship with Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance they are different because they  know Triathletes & Cyclists are different. We treat each customer as an individual and as a family business of competitive Cyclists we’ve built our service promise around this principle.  It’s Cyclists who review each claim and our experts are trained to get you back on the road, trails or track as quickly and painlessly as possible – we believe the only place you should suffer is on the bike.

Yellow Jersey Cycling insurance

Yellow Jersey are proud insurers for Team Wiggins, Sponsors of Laura Trott, Matrix Cycling, the London Triathlon League, the London & SE Cyclo-Cross League, Surrey Road Racing League and are the official insurance partners of British Triathlon.


Our comprehensive policy has been designed from the ground up, by people who are actively involved at all levels of the sport. We understand that your bicycle isn't just a possession; it’s a way of life and part of the family. It’s for this reason we've designed a single policy which protects you and all your bikes riding, travelling or racing. Get an instant quote here.


So on with the triathlon training for us, hope to see you out on the roads in the coming months as we all build to be stronger triathletes for the 2016 season.