Grand Opening Grand Opening

So after months of planning and a great number of all-nighters (not all of them done by me) the website has gone live this week.  It has been a great learning experience for me as I’ve never built a website before.  I tried to do this myself initially using one of the many free sites out there, designed to help first timers but I just could not get any of them to look how I imaged the site to look.

So at a meeting at Leeds business week I met Tony Baker TB, the same initials as Triathlonbox so I thought this must be fate.  It has worked amazingly well ever since.  I have recommended him to numerous people since I started working with him. I’m currently holding off on marketing the site to all the contacts I have as I feel that I need the product ready before I market it properly.  I have a cunning plan, as Baldrick would say.

In the same week we have signed up for a stand and the Manchester bike and triathlon show due to someone else dropping out.  We are hoping to get there with a prototype so that people can see and interact with the product and hopefully we will gain some valuable feedback before we go into production.  The Patent lawyers are on standby to ensure that we have the correct level of protection before we arrive at the show so we will be “patent pending” at the show.  Really excited about going to the show but also petrified as we’ve never done anything like this before.  Its official  THE BIKE AND TRIATHLON SHOW

I’m going to try to keep a monthly log of contacts to, hopefully these will grow organically as the year progresses now.

When I read this all back, I now know why I’ve not slept well this week.